Wednesday 4 August 2021

Duathlon Information for Year 5 - 8 Competitors

 This message is for those with children who have entered the school duathlon. Please share this post with your duathlete. 

  • Our duathlon is this coming Tuesday afternoon, starting at 1:30. 
  • Duathletes can wear their house top and will need a warm jacket for before and after their event. For those who need them, please to remember their inhalers.
  • Children are to bring their bikes to the bike-stands which will be by the Norwood entrance to the park on Tuesday morning before school. Year 7 & 8 will need to be extra early, as they will need to do this before getting to the hub at 8:30 for tech. 
  • Children need to lock their bikes and take their helmets with them to their hub.
  • Duathletes eat lunch at 12:40 and then unlock their bikes.
  • The daily notices will tell them when to meet at the cricket pavilion.
  • Parents are welcome to support their children. Please stay on the park near the finishing area, to avoid getting in the road of the competitors.
We need the support of some adult helpers to run this event. Please fill in this form if you can help out.

The course description is below. It would be a great idea to practice this before Tuesday. Please email Nicky if you have any questions about the course.

Run 1 (1km)

  • Start on park, out from the adventure playground
  • Follow the marked course on the grass towards school and on around the park
  • Run along the fenceline of the park and down the hill towards Eastern Tce.
  • Once on Eastern Tce run towards Fisher Ave, along Fisher Ave to Norwood St and down Norwood to the park entrance.
  • Run into the park to the bike racks which will be on the right near the park entrance.

Bike: (1.8km)

  • On bike follow the garden loop track to the main path
  • Stick to the right-hand side of the path
  • Ride along the gravel path in front of school and around to the path that leads down to the ponds, before the adventure playground. 
  • Turn left onto the path that goes above the ponds
  • Ride to the hairpin bend that takes you back up to the park.
  • Follow the gravel path towards the adventure playground and on around in front of school.
  • At this point there will be bikes going both ways - stick to the right.
  • Keep following the gravel path up to where it branches off toward Norwood Rd
  • Loop back onto the garden path for a second full lap. (repeat what you have just done)
  • At the end of your second lap, hand your bike to the marshalls who will lay it on the grass

Run 2 (1km)

  • Run out to Norwood St and turn right heading to Fisher Ave
  • Run down Fisher to Eastern Tce
  • Run down Eastern Tce to the park entrance.
  • Run up the hill and follow the cones to the finishing chute which will be in front of school.

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