Monday 21 February 2022

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 1 Week 4

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  • Leadership week happenings this week
  • Great start at technology
  • Mark Inglis talk
  • Great initiative to make a difference

Leadership Week is this week

In last week's post, I explained our plans for leadership week this week.  Below are key reminders.

On Wednesday, Feb 23, we have our Year 7 leadership day. The Year 7s can wear activewear (instead of uniform) that day and will be involved in practical activities that put the '7 habits of highly effective people' into action.

On Thursday, Feb 24, we have our Year 8 leadership day. Again, the Year 8s can wear activewear (instead of uniform) that day and will be putting the 7 habits into action in a practical way. Usually, this day stretches to an overnight stay. Instead this year, we would like the children to stay on at school until 7pm. We have some fun activities planned for after 3pm and will finish the day with a pizza dinner. The fun activities include water, so togs, rash tops (or a change of clothes) and a towel will be needed. We also encourage the children to bring a water-propelling device. This could be a water bottle. 

On Friday, Feb 25, the whole hub will head for the hills. We will be walking up Bowenvale track to Victoria Park. We have had four parents offer to join us and would love a few more. If you are available between 10 and 3 on Friday and are up for a walk in the hills, please fill in this form.  All parent helpers will need to have vaccination passes. Activewear can also be worn instead of uniform on Friday.

Sunhats are a must for each of these days (and every school day), as we will be spending a lot of time outside. 


The children had a great start at technology last Tuesday. Remember to set those alarms for an early start so that all children are at Beckenham by 8:30 on Tuesdays. Tamariki who are doing food tech and hard materials need to have long hair tied up.

Mark Inglis

Hopefully, your child came home on Thursday afternoon with lots to share after listening to a presentation by Mark Inglis. The children looked to be enthralled by his story and there were many takeaways to apply to our own lives.
Below are some of his key messages:
  • It’s all about how I react to what happens.
  • I think of new ways of doing things when people say I can’t.
  • It’s really important that I take care of myself.
  • Sometimes in life, you just have to get on with it.
  • It’s how we look at things. ‘The death zone’  should be renamed ‘the must do zone’
  • If you're bored - then you're not thinking hard enough.
  • Disability does not define my life.
  • Fear is about knowledge; knowledge eliminates fear.
  • It’s about how we look at things. (I will never get frostbite in my feet again. A broken leg is no big deal)
  • When stuck, don’t feel sorry for yourself - work out what you can do?
  • Give all people the opportunity to be their best.

We make a difference

Concerned about the possibility of damage to phones with our current phone collection system, two Year 8s researched and created (in record time) a system to make our phone storage safer. We love seeing such initiative and innovation!

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