Monday 31 March 2014

Week 9 Update

Camp: We are on the big countdown to our Dunedin Camp.

  • You should have a copy of the gear list, along with other important information. This has been copied onto the next page on this blog. 
  • Remember food donations of baking (Coast, Plains and Mountains) and a bag of fruit (Forest) are to be brought on Monday and handed over before climbing aboard the bus.
  • Camp parents meeting Tuesday April 1st at 5:30 in Room 16
  • Please get permission forms for digital devices at camp back this week.

Twilight Fair: What a fabulous time we had on Friday night at our twilight fair. A huge thanks to the organising committee for the endless hours you put in to make this such a success. Thanks also to those senior students who performed, helped set up, helped out at games stalls and managed the rubbish.

Te Whanau Mahi Tahi got things underway ...

Now this was too good an opportunity to miss!

Yes, his aim was good. Bruce was dunked numerous times. 

The chocolate wheel was a big hit with our kids.

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