Monday 10 March 2014

Year 8 Leadership Camp

We had a fabulous two days exploring leadership and learning more about ourselves at the Year 8 Leadership Camp. At the end of the two days each Year 8 student nominated one of their peers for the 'Peter Blake Young Leader' award. We were really impressed with their deep thinking. Here are a selection of the justifications for nomination...

'... is a really good listener and a respectful person. He gives everything a go and never stops trying. He may not be in my group, but I always hear positive thinking about him and what he has done.'

' she believes in herself and in others ...'

'she puts others before herself ...'

'... is a very caring person who listens when you have something to say.'

'today he was brave enough to conquer his fears and ...'

' ... always steps up when the team is low...'

'... is always able to make decisions, while taking in other people's opinions and is able to lead in any situation.'

'... they weren't bossy at all and listened to others.'

'... is always willing to offer a helping hand, even when it means he won't come first.'

As you can see, it will be a tough job selecting our 'Peter Blake Young Leader'.

Persistence, sharing ideas, listening and leadership led to success.

We stepped beyond our comfort zone.

Dinner was delicous.

Helping others was a key component for everyone's success.

Target reached!

Creativity and quick thinking were needed in the flying fox challenge.

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