Tuesday 6 November 2018

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 4 Week 4

We had a fabulous day in town on Monday. It was so good to be able to contribute to a practical action, which will benefit our community. We continue to be all action in the Intermediate Hub. Read on for important messages.

Summer Tournament Tomorrow

There are 37 children competing in a day-long tournament at Hagley Park and Wilding Park tomorrow. It is essential that every child going to the tournament has a sun hat and water bottle with them tomorrow, as well as their lunch, snacks and sports uniform. Tomorrow is forecast to be very hot and so any child without their sun hat or water bottle will need to stay at school. We are meeting in the hub at 8.15 for a gear check and then boarding the buses at 8.30. Tennis players may arrive at school at 8.30 as we are traveling by car to Wilding Park and have a later meet time. 

Top Team

Next Tuesday afternoon we have our Top Team event. Children need to bring a change of clothes: shorts and a t-shirt. They will get wet. If it is a cooler day, a polypro is a great idea.  Wearing togs, with a rash top, works really well. Children should also pack a towel. At the moment we have 8 confirmed helpers and we need 9. Confirmed are: Mary, Leigh, Kate, Nicola, Anne, Tim, Jack and Ellie. We need one more. Rory, Philippa and Peter were down as maybes. Can you please confirm if you can come.

Canterbury Triathlon

If you have a child who can swim, bike and run, has great endurance and loves a challenge, they may like to enter the Canterbury Triathlon.  Click here for more information and to sign up.

Long Jump

If the weather is cooperative, a group of our students will be walking to Hillview to compete in long jump on Friday afternoon. We need two parents to walk with this group. Please email Jenny if you are able to help.

Zone Athletics

Next Monday is Zone athletics at Hansen Park. The 30 children heading to zones will meet at school at 8.30 for a gear check and then catch the bus to Hansen Park. Sun hats and water bottles are again essential items. The day can be long and so a book, sketch pad, travel game or similar is recommended to help pass the time between events. Balls of any kind are not permitted. If you are able to help supervise children during the day, (even if it is just for part of the day), please email Jenny.

We made a difference!

Many thanks to Simon, Peter and Anne for accompanying us on our trip to Ōtākaro Orchard, Tūranga and Margaret Mahy playground on Monday. The day was a huge success. 'I never knew a library could be so much fun!' was the quote of the morning. The competition for the longest root system was a great way to keep the troops motivated while weeding at the orchard. Peter was very thankful for our 90 children who spent a total of 2 hours weeding. They made quite an impact. We were the first school group to work at the orchard in this way.

Longest weed winners in the afternoon.

An orchard for our city in the heart of Christchurch.

Impressive root systems were uncovered.

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