Wednesday 20 June 2018

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 2 Week 8

We had a fabulous time creating artworks last week. Check out the animal faces at the bottom of this post. This week we are getting underway with our sleep investigation. Please check the details under sleep research below. I have heard that the camp books are in transit and expect them to arrive within the next week. As usual, it is all go in the Intermediate Hub!


If your child is doing volleyball for their passion choice, and you haven't filled in the form about going to Cashmere High, please click this link now.

Sleep Research:

Recently we have been learning about the benefits of getting a great sleep and what factors contribute to sleeping well. We are now entering the sleep science phase. This involves the children recording the time they switch their light out to sleep and the time they wake in the morning. Today they will be bringing home a timing device and a sleep slip. They need to complete the sleep slip and return it to school tomorrow morning. New sleep slips will come home three days each week until the end of term. Please encourage / support your child to complete this and return it to school the next day. There is some time calculation required and some children may need help with this. If your child is having trouble setting their timer, there is a link on google classroom showing them how to do this.


Well done to the choir. I have heard such good feedback about their singing and conduct last night. Many thanks for supporting them at home to learn their lyrics.

PJs and canned food tomorrow: Thursday

Tomorrow the student council are running a pyjama day to celebrate winter solstice and our current sleep inquiry. A porridge breakfast is available in the hall from 8am, BYO bowl, spoons are provided. Please bring a can of food to donate to Methodist Mission. This will go in food parcels to single mothers.

Reminder: Tuesday 26th June - School will close for formal instruction at 12:30pm

Due to the Paid Union Meeting for teachers in Christchurch that will be happening on the afternoon of Tuesday 26th June, we will be skeleton staff (Principal and Teacher aides only) from 12:30pm due to our teachers all needing to attend the union meeting. We are requesting that you pick up your children at 12:30pm that day, or contact the office to let us know they will be staying at school so we can arrange supervision.

Living our Kete:

Each week we allocate 40 minutes to working on kete badges. Many of our children are doing great things in and out of school that count towards their kete badges. These include:

  • scouts and guides etc
  • sports teams
  • dancing 
  • 40 hour Famine
  • representing school at zone sports
  • singing in a choir
  • helping at Treemendous...

We talked about this today and also about being reflective when you blog about what you have done. We showed the children some blog posts that have been done well, to give them an idea of what is expected. Some children are on a roll with completing great blog posts and earning badges. Others need a bit of prompting. It would be good to have a conversation about this at home and to ask your child to show you their blog.

Here are some recent blog posts from our tamariki ...

40 Hour Famine:
On Friday the 8th of June I started the 40 Hour Famine. Most people started at 6pm, but I started at 8pm, until 12pm on Sunday the 10th. The 40 Hour Famine is run by World Vision, and this year they did it for South Sudan. South Sudan is the newest country in the world, separating from Sudan only on July 9th, 2011(newest countries in the world link here) and are already struggling. So that's where we come in! I did the 40 hour famine for: no furniture, living out of a backpack(except for water), no technology, sleeping on a box(I unfolded the box)on the floor, and no shouting. That's five things! I ended up getting most of my aunties and uncles to sponsor me, and my mum and dad and brother, and I ended up getting $51.80! I hope they raise enough money to give some families homes and food. I may have had a few times where I messed up, like when I accidentally sat on the couch, or ate a thing that wasn't in my backpack. When I added up all the time that I spent sitting on the couch or eating something I wasn't supposed to, it was only about 1-2 minutes. But since I felt really bad for messing up, I decided to do 30 minutes extra. Can't wait until next year's famine! (Morvern)

We get there together: Football
Every Saturday I turn up to my Football games excited and ready to go. I decided to play Football on Saturdays because I enjoy getting up and doing stuff in the morning and I love Football, to watch it and to play it. Football is one of those things which is good for you and fun to do as well. I play in the CTFC 12th grade green team, we play 9-a-side with 3 subs (we sub every quarter), and everytime we are subbed we make sure to cheer the team on. We go to the game 30 minutes before kick-off so we have time to warm up and practice, we always play in different positions to make sure everyone has an equal turn in all the different positions they want to play in. On Thursdays we come to training for a good 1hr 15m practice where we must show our full commitment or we won't be able to play in our favoured position. I also go to the CTFC Academy on Mondays as well to work on my skills and get better at the sport, academy starts at 4.00 and ends at 5.15, which gives me a lot of time to work on my skills. (Daniel S)

We are building up a collection of lunch boxes in the hub. Can you spot one of yours below? 

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