Wednesday 30 June 2021

This message is for everyone who has entered the student council KidsCan fun run.

Firstly, thanks so much for taking part. We have about 150 people signed up to run, including some parents. Hopefully, you have managed to get some sponsors on your sponsor card. 

The fun run is this Friday. We will be running laps around the park. The course will be marked out with the house flags. We will all meet in front of the cricket pavilion at 12 noon for instructions. Every time you run past the cricket pavilion we will make a pen mark on your hand or arm. The run goes for 30 minutes. It is ok to walk when you get puffed. Keep moving to get as many laps as you can. We will have a warm-up before the run and a cool-down afterwards.

After the run, please collect your sponsorship money, bring it to school and put it in the purple fun run collection box that will be at the office. We’d love to get all money in before the end of the term. 

Thanks for making a difference for KidsCan. See you ready to run on Friday.

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