Monday 5 November 2018

2019 House Captains and Student Council Exec

Over the past week, we have been interviewing Year 7 students who have applied for House Captain and Student Council Exec positions for 2019. We had 30 people applying and the group interviews saw fabulous attitudes and ideas. Actually, the whole year has been a bit of an 'extended interview', as we have watched how the children responded in a wide range of situations.

Our current Year 7 cohort has an interesting gender distribution, with 18 boys and 41 girls. 3/4 of the people applying for positions were girls. This year we have decided to move away from our traditional approach of having one boy and one girl as captains/deputies of each house. Our appointments reflect the gender distribution of this year group.

Being selected as a House Captain means that you may need to change house for your Year 8 year. As yet we have not looked at houses and will sort this later.

House Captains for 2019:

Emily E
Maddi M
Sophia B

Deputy House Captains for 2019:

Ella C

Student Council Exec:

Chairperson: Lucy
Secretary: Paolo
Treasurer: Helena

Te Reo Champion (new role): 

Maia Davis
One area our school will be giving more attention to in 2019 is the use of Te Reo Māori in a simple and integrated way, so that whānau, staff and students can learn and use it together.  Our Te reo Champion will play a pivotal role in supporting us all to make this happen.

Part of the interview asked the children to reflect on our Year 8s: who they had been impressed by and for what reasons. It was heartening to hear such positive reflections about a wide range of our Year 8 students. We realise that being a house captain or on the council exec has been a long time ambition for many students. Those who have not been appointed will feel disappointed. Disappointments can be an opportunity to develop resilience and set new goals. There will be many more leadership opportunities available at the start of next year. Listening to the children at their interviews, we could see lots of potential School Ambassadors.

The house captains, council exec and Te Reo champion will attend 'Be Inspired', a leadership afternoon at Christ College on Wednesday, Nov 14. This is the proposed strike day. We will need parent support with transport and accompanying the children during the afternoon.

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