Wednesday 18 September 2019

Kauri Whānau at Koru Games

The 40 children competing at Koru Games have been putting in a tremendous effort over the past two days. The spirit of Koru Games is all about fair play and sportsmanship and our children are showing this in bucket loads during the competition. Making friends, offering advice to the opposition and even creating a musical commentary are just some of the things that the Beckenham children have been doing to show good spirit. There have been wins and there have been losses. It is great to see the children's enthusiasm, values and grit remain regardless of the outcome. All teams are showing learning lots and their technical play is improving as the tournament progresses.

We have our final day of competition tomorrow. We meet at 8:20 in the Kauri Hub. A good night's sleep is most likely needed for most. Please, remember to pack the sunscreen.

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