Wednesday 11 April 2018

Dunedin: Day 3

Today we headed out with layers of warm clothing, a cosy jacket and woolly hat. First destination was Baldwin Street. The rain stopped for us to complete the epic climb. Everyone made it to the top, some of us much faster than others. The three jaffas that we rolled downhill, weren't as successful, all becoming casualties of the journey.

Then we headed into the museum and university. We were so impressed with the surveying dept and the learning they put together for us. A number of children were inspired by this potential future career pathway. The Planetarium was an awesome way for the children to learn about our solar system. A number of the adults, caught a few zzs as the stars twinkled down on us. Next it was off to the butterfly rainforest, another magical experience. As was the discovery centre, where we could have spent the whole afternoon.

After a day of learning, we climbed aboard the bus, and headed up to Moana Pool. We had the hydro-slide to ourselves, as well as use of the leisure pool and diving pool. There were many first time experiences and lots of wide smiles, as we embraced challenge!

After a dinner of yummy nachos and a birthday celebration for Maddi, we headed out again on the Hair-raiser Tour and glow worms walk. What a day! All tucked up in bed now, recharging the batteries for another full on day tomorrow.

We all made it to the top of Baldwin St!

Some were faster than others!

There were casualties, but not the human kind.

A surveying lab experience.

That drone was very impressive and mighty expensive!

Learning about our solar system in the Planetarium.

The exhibits in the discovery centre were highly engaging.

Learning about Dunedin's spooky history.

The serious contenders!

Made it!

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