Thursday 12 April 2018

Dunedin: Day Four

Are we there yet? Another fabulous day down here in the south, though getting home to our families and beds tomorrow will be just as fabulous!

The morning was spent with the children and staff from Carisbrook School. The sports teams headed to an indoor stadium to compete in touch, volleyball and basketball. The children gave of their best, displayed good sportsmanship and it was great to see the children develop skill and confidence during the games. The trophy went to Carisbrook this time.

Meanwhile at Carisbrook School, the children were working and playing together.  The time started with an official welcome to which our gorgeous children replied with real confidence and enthusiasm.  Carisbrook had organised teachers to take groups for Silks (aerial acrobatics), dance lessons, chess, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths challenges). They had a blast! A huge thanks to Carisbrook for their warm welcome and fabulous activities.

After a hearty lunch provided by Carisbrook, we were off to Cadbury World. Many children found their happy place! The chocolate freebees flowed generously and sugar levels soared. Just under half the group then put that sugar to good use by walking to Tunnel Beach, while everyone else had a great time at the Early Settlers Museum. Tunnel beach was wild, windy and wonderful, such a majestic section of the southern coast.

As I write this post, excitement is building as final rehearsals for the camp concert are underway. We are in for an entertaining evening to finish off camp.

We are looking forward to seeing you all when we return tomorrow. Our ETA is 5pm, however we will let you know a more accurate time when we are on the road, after lunch.

Exploring the beautiful railway station.

A hearty Carisbrook welcome.

Lots of new dance moves.

STEM challenges...

Another birthday...

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