Tuesday 10 April 2018

Dunedin: Day Two

What a day we have had! The weather, while cold, gave us snippets of sunshine, hail showers and enough fine breaks to make being on the go outside OK. It was perfect albatross weather and we saw lots of them flying. The Monarch cruise was a fabulous way to see the wildlife and provided some thrills along the way. Four chicks were nesting in view of the albatross observatory and we even saw one being fed by its parent! This was a real treat. Then we were off to Larnach Castle to hear its interesting and slightly spooky past, and admire the work of art that this building is. It was cottage pie for dinner, divine (thanks to the cooks), before we jumped back on the buses for night time exploration. The lodge group went off on the hair-raiser tour (and a few hairs were raised!), while the cabins group explored a bush track, lined with glow worms. Just the right amount of scary and magical! It was great to have Megan Harris join us for dinner and be our glow worm guide. We finished the day with a some more of our shared novels before heading off to bed. The troops have settled to sleep very quickly tonight, as you might imagine after such a fun-filled day.

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